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US Kammer Spring 2021

6th – 10th of April 2021

Application form online at Fluidreview.

Application deadline 10th of January 2021

Artistic content

US Kammer is a new and exceptional offer where the focus will be on learning and experience chamber musical interactions instructed by great international musicians who alternates between the roles of soloist and orchestra leader. The course will set high demands on mental and physical presence through offensive playing and thus contribute to a holistic and unified sound. The goal is to refine and enhance chamber musical initiative and mindset.

It is desired that participants of the chamber orchestra will form a strengthened core of the symphony orchestra of the Summer course, with higher degree of responsibilities and as sectional leaders. With an established chamber orchestra as foundation, the symphony orchestra will be lifted artistically and socially.

In the chamber orchestra we strive to create a professional setting with schedules equivalent to the schedules in professional orchestras/ensembles. It is expected that the participants study the repertoire in advance and is well prepared for the first rehearsal.  

The orchestra will consist of 35-50 musicians, and the instrumentation will depend on the repertoire. For the spring course 2021 this will be the instrumentation:

2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 4 horns, 2 trumpets, 3 trombones, 1 tuba, 1 timpani, strings

Orchestral leader: Elise Båtnes
Soloists: Elise Båtnes, violin and Hennninge Landaas, viola
Instructor winds:
Leif Arne Pedersen

Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante
Dvorak: Symphony nr. 8

Concert: 10th of April at 15:00, Frimurerlogen in Trondheim


About the course

US Kammer is a new and exceptional offer where the focus will be on learning and experience chamber musical interactions instructed by great international musicians who alternates between the roles of soloist and orchestra leader. Ungdomssymfonikerne is the Norwegian National youth orchestra, and want to become more visible in Norway. The chamber orchestra will therefore be an ambulatory course and have varying locations, preferably in the bigger cities. There will be one course in the spring and one in the fall additionally to the Summer Course

The course is free of charge

The course is free of charge. This includes accommodation and meals.


The participant has is required to have their own health-, travel-, and instrument insurance.


Leave is only granted by application in writing to the administration of Ungdomssymfonikerne. Applicants who pull out after signing the contract, can be held responsible for the costs resulting from this, depending on cause of breach of contract. In case of illness, you need to provide a sick note from a doctor.



Who can apply:

Music students who can document a high instrumental level can apply for the course. You have to be a student at a Music Academy or similar of performing music or attending high school / folk high school. The age limit for the course is 18-28 years

All interested students must submit an application via FluidReview within the application deadline 10th of January 2021.



Candidates who auditioned for Ungdomssymfonikernes courses during 2020:

  • There will not be an ordinary audition for the course; US Kammer Vår 2021. Applicants who auditioned for the Summer Course 2020 or US Kammer Autumn 2020 will only have to register an application form online.

Candidates who DID NOT audition for Ungdomssymfonikernes courses during 2020:

  • Candidates interested in the course who did not audition for a course arranged by Ungdomssymfonikerne in 2020, need to send a motivational letter and a video recording in addition to register an application form online.
    • Motivational letter: about ½ A4 page where you tell us about why you are interested in participating in the course and what you aim to achieve by attending the course.
    • Video: After registering in the application platform, FluidReview, you will find the repertoire and orchestra excerpts for your instrument under “resources”. Recording of the solo piece and the orchestra excerpts should be in one-take. Place a watch in the background to ensure that the jury can see that the recording is done in one take. There are no technical requirements for the recording, but it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the quality of the recording is adequate for their instrument.
  • Motivational letter and video recording can be sent to: or be uploaded in the application form.

Questions regarding video recording and motivational letter can be directed to:


Selection and part devision:

  • Ranking from the audition spring 2020 and autumn 2020 will be used as basis for the selection for US Kammer Vår 2021.
  • Candidates who did not apply for Ungdomssymfonikernes courses in 2020 will be evaluated by a jury for each instrument based on the video recording and the motivational letter.
  • If equal ranking should appear, participants at Ungdomssymfonikernes courses will be prioritized.



Due to the ongoing covid 19- pandemic changes might occur affecting the course, also shortly before the course start. Ungdomssymfonikerne  follows the Norwegian governments regulations and guidelines regarding health and safety and strive to create a safe course for everyone.


Questions regarding the course or the application process can be directed to: