All applicants, including former participants, must fill out the online form:

Despite being informed in the application form, you will not receive a confirmation email when you have finished your application. When you have applied, you have to add the producer’s and the managing director’s email to your contact list in your mail account. Emails from these addresses often gets labeled as spam.

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Selection and conditions

Music students who can document a high instrumental level may apply. All interested students must submit an application. The age limit for the course is 18-28.

The Norwegian National Youth Orchestra arranges audtions for winds, percussion and principal strings in March every year. The audition applies for the following summer- and winter course. Applicants who are studying performing music at university level who didn´t auditioned in March 2017 or participated in The Norwegian National Youth Orchestras summer course 2017, are very welcome to apply. We ask those applicants to provide reference to their main instrument teachers, as well as document their orchestral experience in the application form.

Selection of the orchestra for the winter course is based on the audition from March 2017. In addition, students who attended the summer course will be given priority. The artistic director of The Norwegian National Youth Orchestra is in charge of  the selection of the orchestra for the winter course.



If you are not a full-time music student:


Applicants who are not full-time music students at university level must send a video recording with chosen repertoire from the standard repertoire, approx. 15 min. This applies regardless of whether they have attended the course earlier or not, and it goes for all instruments. The Norwegian National Youth Orchestra needs to receive the video by October 12th 2017. The video should be recorded in one “take”, without cuts. You can upload your video on your main page in Fluid review.

Questions regarding application to be addressed to Ungdomssymfonikerne`s producer:

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