Opening concert at the Festival in Elverum

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Opening concert at the Festival in Elverum

Friday August 3rd 2018 at 6pm in Terningen Arena


Read more about the concert on FiEs homepage.

The Norwegian National Youth Orchestra
Conductor: Eliahu Inbal


Johannes Rusten (1984-): Ouverture to Elverum

Anton Bruckner (1824-1896): Symphony no. 5 in B-flat major

Introduction: Adagio – Allegro
Adagio: Sehr Langsam
Scherzo: Molto vivace (Schnell) – Trio: Im Gleichen Tempo
Finale: Adagio – Allegro moderato

The grand opening concert of this year’s Festival in Elverum offers an all-round symphony conducted by Eliahu Inbal (born 1936), one of the few Bruckner interpreters from his generation still active. Inbal was chief conductor of hr-Sinfonieorchester in Frankfurt in 1974-1990, and together with this orchestra he was one of the first to record the original versions of several of Bruckner’s symphonies.

Read more about Eliahu Inbal here.

Bruckner is mostly known for its monumental symphonies. The fifth symphony was written in 1875-1876 and is perhaps the most intellectual of them all. Bruckner himself never heard this symphony being performed. During his lifetime, it was once performed for two piano and for the first time for orchestra in Graz in 1894, but Bruckner himself was too sick to be present. The symphony has no subtitle, but it has been nicknamed “the tragic” or “pizzicato symphony”. Even Bruckner himself has referred to the symphony as “the wonderful”, but this never became a formal title. The work is intricately and contrapunctaly written. The climaks is unusually late in the symphony, first with a coral at the end of the last movement.

The Norwegian National Youth Orchestra consist of Norway´s leading performing music students and for them, this project is an unique opportunity to experience one of the most famous Bruckner interpreters, Eliahu Inbal, while he is still active. There are not many from his generation and his tradition still alive, so both the audience and the musicians in the orchestra will have an unique experience!

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