Summer course 2017

Saturday July 29 – Saturday August 19


Artistic content

Opening Concert for Festspillene in Elverum in Terningen Arena,  August 4, 6 PM

Conductor Christian Eggen
Soloist Aksel Rykkvin, boy soprano


Johannes Rusten: Ouverture to Elverum

Joseph Haydn: “Nun beut die Flur” from The Creation
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: “Voi che sapete” from The Marriage of Figaro
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: “Non so più cosa son, cosa faccio” from The Marriage of Figaro
Gustav Mahler: “Das himmlische Leben”

Béla Bartók: The miraculous mandarin, op. 19

Popconsert, Festspillene in Elverum,  Terningen Arena, August 7, 8 PM

Conductor Christian Eggen


Hans Ek: “Dance Music Symphony”

“Within you without you» Org: George Harrison, arr: Hans Ek
“A fistfull of dollar/Graveyard scene” Org: Ennio Morricone, arr: Hans Ek
“Satisfaction», Org: Benny Benassi, arr: Hans Ek

Closing concert of Festspillene in Elverum, Terningen Arena, August 12, 6 PM

Conductor Christian Vásques
Soloist Håvard Gimse, piano


Harald Sæverud: Kjempevise-slåtten/Ballad of Revolt, op. 22a nr.5
Pjotr Tchaikovsky: Piano concerto no. 1, op. 23
Richard Strauss: Ein Heldenleben, op. 40



15. august kl. 19:00: Ibsenhuset, Skien
17. august kl. 19:30: Tivoli´s concert hall, Copenhagen
19. august kl. 18:00: Oslo Konserthus, Oslo chamber music festival



The teachers are experienced and profiled orchestra musicians from Norwegian and Nordic orchestras. Many of them also teach at The Norwegian Academy of Music and other colleges. Summer 2017 these musicians are going to teach:

Pre course 1:
1.violin: Elise Båtnes
2.violin: Johannes Lörstad
Viola: Henninge Landaas
Cello: Louisa Tuck
Double bass: Dan Styffe
Woodwinds: Leif Arne Pedersen
Brass: Ingemar Roos
Timpani: Tom Vissgren
Percussion: Terje Viken
Harp: Sidsel Walstad

Pre course 2:
1.violin: Anna Gebert
2.violin: Terje Skomedal
Viola: Per Högberg
Cello: Claes Gunnarsson
Double bass: Patrick Wilder
Woodwinds: Leif Arne Pedersen
Brass: Audun Breen
Timpani: Hans Hernqvist
Percussion: Patrick Raab
Harp: Sidsel Walstad

Assistant conductor: Nils Erik Måseidvåg


Course at Elverum

Participants are accomodated in Elverum Folk High School during the course.


The course is free of charge

The course, including accommodation and meals in Elverum Folk High School, is free of charge. Buses will be arranged from Oslo to Elverum (approx. 2 hours) at the start of the course period. Students travelling to or from the course at different times than the scheduled buses, must organize the travel themselves. Please note that breach of contract may result in the applicant being held responsible for the costs resulting from this (see section on leave).



There will be bus transport from the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo on Satuday July 29. Meet at the Academy 10 AM, the bus leaves at 11 AM. The bus will make a short stop at Gardermoen Airport at 11:30 AM. If you arrive by plane, you have to land 10:40 AM at the latest.

Nearest airport is Oslo Airport (OSL).

If you arrive in Elverum by yourself, you can take bus or train. The stop is called Elverum Skysstasjon. There are two different bus routes, you will find them on and . You will find timetables for the trains on


Travel refund

There will be a deductible fee for travel at 600 NOK. We cover costs between 600 and 2000 NOK, in other words 1400 NOK. The reimbursement will be wired during the course, not earlier. You have to fill out Travel refund form, which you can find in Fluid and attach all your tickets and receipts. We do not except form and receipts by email, everything must be printed out and delivered to us at the course. Unfortunately, we cannot assist you in printing out tickets. The deadline for submitting Travel refund form is the day after arrival at 9:30. You will not receive reimbursement if you submit the form past deadline.


ECTS Credits

Participants in the Norwegian National Youth Orchestra can receive ECTS credit from the Norwegian Academy of Music. It is given 2 credits for each of the programmes in the summer, and 2 credits for the winter course. A total of 8 credits granted to students who have been involved in all this year’s program. The credits will be given each year after the winter course.


All participants are responsible for their own travel and instrument insurance. Ungdomssymfonikerne will only take out insurance on instruments borrowed from the Norwegian Academy of Music.



Leave is only granted by application in writing to the administration of Ungdomssymfonikerne. Applicants who pull out after signing the contract, can be held responsible for the costs resulting from this, depending on cause of breach of contract. In case of illness, you need to provide a sick note from a doctor.